What is PPGL?

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1.General introduction of PPGL

PPGL,stands for Pre-painted galvalume steel,is also known as prepainted galvalume steel coil, with a galvalume steel sheet as a substrate.

PPGL or pre-painted galvalume steel coil, is coated with a mix of aluminum, zinc, and other trace elements. The usual composition of galvalume coating is 55% aluminum, 43.4% zinc, and 1.6% trace elements.

PPGL Sheets are prepared by combining the strength of steel with anti-corrosive capabilities of a metal coating like Zinc or Aluminium. It is exceptionally resistant to weather and environmental degradations and can be punched, pressed, roll-formed, or joined in any way possible per requirement. They are made in a variety of specifications to suit different applications. They are lightweight and strong for easy placement and to provide high durability. They do not crack under pressure and are made to superior quality.


2.Core advantages of product

Acid rain resistance:

Coating protection mechanism: it is easy to form acid rain in the environment of high-level industrial emissions or pollutants. Acid penetration will form on the surface of precoated steel and accelerate corrosion, forming blistering, peeling and other phenomena.

• UV resistance:

Coating protection mechanism: under the condition of ultraviolet or strong sunlight, the precoated plate will be powdered and denatured, which will show discoloration and loss of luster, and quickly lose the coating.

Moisture and heat resistance:

Coating protection mechanism: in hot and humid environment, the high osmotic pressure of water vapor will accelerate the penetration, form the denaturation of the coating film, and then corrode the substrate, and bubble and peeling will occur.

Low temperature resistance:

Coating protection mechanism: most of the coatings can maintain stable processing performance above 0 ° C. However, when the temperature is lower than 20-40 ° C in the cold area, the ordinary coatings will become brittle, bend or even fall off, so the protective effect is completely lost.


Color coated galvanized / aluminized zinc steel is used for roof structure, surface layer of balcony, window frame, screen and electrical equipment. Painted steel can be formed into almost any shape, and has excellent weather resistance, excellent life and texture selection.


Material(Grade) SGCC,SGCH,G350,G450,
Substrate type Galvanized / galvanized steel
Coating process type Front: double coated&double drying.
Hardness HRB60-110
Width 600-1500mm Thickness 0.12-1.2mm
Front Primer PU or Epoxy 5μm Zinc coating Z30-Z275G
Back Primer PU or Epoxy 2-5μm Surface treatment Protective film can be applied


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Post time: Oct-14-2022