Two aspects that cannot be ignored in the antirust work of spherical roller bearings!

Two aspects that cannot be ignored in the antirust work of spherical roller bearings!
During the application of bearings, if rust occurs, it will have a very adverse impact on the industry, so it is necessary to strengthen anti-rust measures for spherical roller bearings. There are two main aspects in the antirust of bearings, one is the antirust treatment in the process, and the other is the antirust treatment in the finished product.
Management of anti-rust technology for spherical roller bearings
In order to ensure that the anti-rust process can be implemented conscientiously, the technical department formulates specific assessment rules according to the process requirements, and evaluates the production plant by converting the component value. The first-level anti-rust management personnel conduct process discipline inspections on the production plant every month, manage the cooling water, anti-rust liquid, cleaning liquid, anti-rust oil, and the rust rate, cleanliness and oiled packaging of the finished bearings. Carry out a comprehensive inspection of the management level of rust personnel and the detection of monitoring items, evaluate and score, and send the evaluation results to the production plant. Hold a regular meeting of rust preventers every month to summarize the company’s monthly inspections and problems, and propose improvement measures to rectify within a time limit; at the same time, it also provides opportunities for rust preventers to exchange and learn from each other, and establishes a top-to-bottom Set up a rust prevention management work network, so that the rust prevention work has a good management foundation.
Management of antirust auxiliary materials for spherical roller bearings: The quality of antirust materials for spherical roller bearings directly affects the quality of product processing. Therefore, when selecting antirust materials, first conduct physical and chemical performance tests according to quality requirements. Then carry out the pilot test and meet the process requirements before it can be used in large quantities. The anti-rust auxiliary materials selected for use will be strictly tested according to the quality standards of different materials after entering the factory, and can only be issued by the supply department for use after passing the standard. During the use process, the antirust material and the prepared solution are tested regularly to ensure that the concentration and ratio of the solution meet the process requirements and achieve the performance. The establishment of a complete material acceptance system and quality acceptance standards provides a reliable guarantee for doing a good job in anti-rust management.


Post time: Jan-03-2024